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AU: Jackson actually died on the lacrosse field, and he spends his afterlife watching everyone. Mostly Danny though. Danny’s dialogue written by askdannymahealani.

Jackson liked watching Danny. It wasn’t like he had much else to do, was it? Well, sometimes he watched his parents, and the others. His parents moved on, adopted another kid, replaced him, really. Lydia was happy with Stiles, much happier than she was with him. Derek and Isaac still lived together, but with Peter in the rebuilt Hale house. Erica and Boyd had already popped out their first litter. Literally, triplets. And Scott and Allison were back together, and getting married. Even Chris approved.

But watching Danny was what he spent most of his time doing. He watched those next few weeks where he closed himself off. Watched him give the greatest and most undeserved eulogy of all time at his funeral. Watched as he cried himself to sleep night after night, wishing that he could do something to help his best friend. But, even now, he was useless at things like that.

There were a few times when he slipped up and let Danny see him. But only because he knew he would need it. The first time was when he received his letter from The University of Hawaii. He was alone in his room, and wouldn’t open the stupid thing. He looked up, and Jackson let him catch a glimpse of him in the window. A second later, Danny was tearing the envelope open. He got in. His mom cried. Then it was just before graduation, in the halls at school. And later, when Danny nearly teared up in his seat as the montage Lydia made for the seniors played the memoir of him.

He was with him all through college, too. At every birthday, during every test. He stayed away during the hook ups though. He even haunted the crap out of a guy that broke his heart his junior year. Nearly made the guy piss himself.

The one thing Jackson never expected to have to watch was Danny getting off the plane and looking like he wanted to just get right back on and never come back, in Beacon Hills. He watched as Danny walked sullenly around town, seeing what changed and what hadn’t. Watched as he drove past the house his parents sold when he moved away to college, so they could move to Hawaii themselves. He watched as Danny stood in front of his own parents house, watching the young girl they’d adopted play in the front yard and give him curious looks. She’d know who he was if his parents hadn’t taken down every picture of him and locked it in a box in the attic.

And then he watched as Danny went into the cemetery, coming to a stop in front of the gaudy headstone his parents had picked out and never even visited. Danny knelt down in front of it, wobbly like he couldn’t stand anymore, and finally sat down, bringing his knees up to his chest and wrapping his arms around them. He sat there like that for a long time, just staring at the black granite, and then he finally cleared his throat.

"Hey, Jackson." His voice was smaller than Jackson had ever heard it, and he immediately decided he wasn’t a fan. But he knew he owed it to Danny to listen, "I’m sorry I haven’t been to visit in awhile. I graduated from UH last week, just like we said we would. Missed you every step of the way. You should have been here."

He didn’t sound mad, not like Jackson always thought he should be. And Jackson hated that he had to leave him the way he had. But it needed to be done. He smiled softly as he watched his best friend just get up, turning away from the grave to wipe his eyes like he was embarrassed that Jackson would see. If he only knew.

Jackson heard him mutter something that sounded like “Stupid jerk.” And he laughed, watching as Danny walked away.

"Missed you, too, Danny."

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